Part of your travel preparation should be to ensure that have completed the recommended vaccination. GetJab.co.uk is a one stop solution for finding, comparing and booking travel health related services and products. Save time and money with our intelligent search engine and access the best health travel clinics near you for the best possible prices. Also, you are able to maintain your immunization history on your account which is important for assessing your future immunization requirements.
As the largest comparison site for travel health products and services, finding the best deal is easy and quick. You can sort the search results by price, distance, availability and ratings.
All vaccination are independently priced and the requirements for the vaccination varies depending on your destination, accommodation, length of stay and your medical history. The website will show you recommendations based on your destinations but a more accurate and detailed recommendation will be made during your consultations at one of the travel clinics you book an appoint with. The price will depend on what you need to have and if any of the vaccination have more than one dose.
By telling us the destination you wish to visit, GetJab.co.uk will show you which vaccinations are mandatory and which are recommended. This will give you an idea as to which vaccination you need to get but the final decision will be taken by the practitioner at the travel clinic on which vaccinations you need, based on a full clinical assessment. You should use a credible website such as fitfortravel.nhs.uk to get current and up to date immunization recommendations.
We recommend that you plan this well in advance and arrange a consultation with a travel clinic as some vaccination have multiple doses and the course have to be administered over a certain period of time. Don’t leave it late.
You can expect high quality service from all our partner clinics. You can view reviews and ratings for individual clinics by going to their profile page. All the reviews are left by other customers who have received a service from the travel clinic in the past.
Suitability of the different antimalarial depends on many factors, such as, your medical history, current medication and pregnancy. This will be explained at the travel clinic by the healthcare practitioner and you will be given the available options, with the pros and cons of each one.
Most likely the case, you will need to check with your travel insurer but more insurance providers expect their customers to have completed the necessary vaccinations before traveling. Cover yourself by getting the necessary vaccination.
To secure a booking online with a clinic, a reservation fee of £5 per customer is required to be paid. This fee will be discounted in full from the cost of your vaccination. If after your consultation at the travel clinic, you are not required to have any vaccination or antimalarial, the reservation fee will be refunded to you in full.
This refund policy applies to the £5 reservation fee that you pay to GetJab.co.uk only. Cancellations must be made 48 hours prior to the appointment time to qualify for a refund. Also if no vaccination or health products are required after attending your appointment at the travel clinic then you will be refunded the £5 reservation fee you paid to us during booking.