Terms of Use


1. Introduction

  1. This website, www.getjab.co.uk, is for searching, comparing and booking travel clinics in the UK and to connect travellers with travel health service providers. Users who are searching and looking to book travel clinics are referred to as “customers”, “users”, “travellers” and “Patient”. The providers of Travel health products and services are referred to as “travel clinics”, “service providers”, “providers”. Getjab.co.uk and the facilities, services and materials available on this website is owned and operated by Tech Developers Ltd, a UK registered company, number 09892723 whose head office is 4 Radstock Close, London, N11 3GQ. For the purpose of these terms of use, “we”, “us”, and “our” refers to www.getjab.co.uk.

2. Important Notice

  1. This website, getjab.co.uk, is not involved in the provision of any healthcare or medical advice or diagnosis. The information provided on this website is intended as a guide only and should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice. The website displays information on providers/travel clinics that has been submitted by the providers or gathered from the provider's website or the internet. This information is not verified by us so nor do we endorse any services providers or products. As a customer, if you decide to engage with a service provider on this website, it is at your own risk. Any search that you perform on this website, the list of clinics generated for your search criteria are not clinics endorsed by getjab.co.uk. Although we try to ensure that the immunisation requirements for different destinations are kept up to date, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information, other references should be used to get up to date and accurate information.

3. Services We Do Not Provide

  1. Getjab is not a referral service and we do not endorse, recommend or approve of any clinics/provider listed on this website.
  2. Any information provided by a clinic is not controlled by us and we cannot guarantee the accuracy or authenticity of any information provided by any clinic listed on this website. Any such disputes are to be settled between the clinic and the customer, we reserve the right to reject any involvement in such disputes.

4. Services We Do Provide

  1. Getjab.co.uk is a platform to connect travellers/customers with travel clinics/providers. We cannot guarantee the delivery, quality, legality or service provided by the travel clinics that are listed on our platform. It is the customer's responsibility to do their research and make an informed choice about the travel clinic.
  2. The information about the clinics is mainly inputted by the clinics themselves. You can access this information via our website to assist you in making a decision on choosing your preferred travel clinic/provider.
  3. We will send you various alerts and notification to ensure efficient delivery of travel services and products. These alerts and notifications can be managed by users from their dashboard. These are not for marketing purpose but for the purpose of efficient delivery of service.

5. Purchase from getjab

  1. Getjab.co.uk hosts a shop from which registered users can buy a variety of travel health products and services. You may make a payment by credit or debit card, through your paypal account or any other payment method that we accept on our website. You may only setup one account with getjab.co.uk and not setup multiple accounts with different email addresses.
  2. By making a purchase on getjab.co.uk, you represent and warrant us that you are at least eighteen(18) years of age and resident in the United Kingdom.
  3. If your payment method is not authorised and doesn’t go through, we will inform you of this. In case we take a payment for a product from our online store and we can not send you the product for any reason, we will refund the amount back to your account from which you paid. This only applies to products being bought from the online shop of getjab.co.uk and not the reservation fee.
  4. When becoming a registered user, you can agree that we may send you emails or sms with details of current promotions, your booking details and any other notifications. If you do not wish to receive any of these messages, you may edit your preferences from your dashboard.
  5. The relevant Clinic or Provider shall be solely responsible for all losses, liability, damages, costs, claims, injuries and/or illnesses suffered by you, caused in whole or in part by the relevant Clinic or Provider and/or resulting from the relevant Services.
  6. The liability of getjab.co.uk to you for any loss shall not in any circumstances exceed the amount you paid to getjab.co.uk directly.

6. Content Policy

  1. Getjab.co.uk acts as a passive online conduit for the online distribution and presentation of information submitted by clinics and customer and has no obligations to screen content or information in advance and is not responsible for screening or monitoring material posted by clinics/providers or customers. The provider of the information is responsible and the user of the information is also responsible for checking the validity, accuracy, legality and suitability of the information. We reserve the right to edit or delete in part or full, any content posted by users on our website if we believe it is untrue or that it may create liability for us.
  2. You acknowledge and give us permission that we may publish your reviews and feedback of clinics/providers on our website. Reviews will be published with user first name. You consent to unrestricted publication of such reviews. Your reviews on getjab.co.uk must abide by our current review policies which includes:
    • No personal insults are to be included
    • Content of review must be family friendly
    • Your statement must not contain what someone else had said.
    • Review cannot be defamatory
    • Review must not contain reports of criminal activity (report these to relevant authorities)
    • No commercial content to be included (email or telephone numbers).
    • We reserve the right to refuse a review if we believe that the content does not meet our standards for review.
    • Content must be relevant to other users.
    • Reviewer must use standard email etiquette

7. Age and Responsibility

  1. The content of this website and features may only be used by individuals who are legally entitled to form such contracts under the law. If you are under the age of eighteen, you should not access and or use this website or the website services or purchase any items from the shop. By using this website you warrant that you are over the age of eighteen.

8. Data Protection

  1. For the purpose of these Terms of Use “Data” means all electronic data or information including personal data as defined in the data protection Acts, 1988 and 2003, or any other piece of legislations or Acts superseding the previous Acts, submitted by you onto the website and transferred by getjab.co.uk to the clinic/provider. You acknowledge that in order to facilitate the provision of services to you, we will need to share details such as your personal information and medical information with clinics/providers with whom you wish to arrange a consultation. You grant getjab.co.uk your explicit consent to the transfer and disclosure of your personal information to clinics/providers on our website.
  2. Clinics are required to keep records of medical consultations and procedures for a period of time to comply with their professional and legal service requirements. By using getjab and booking via getjab you are happy for the clinic that you book with to keep a record of the necessary information for the time period that they require to keep it, in one or more formats, including on getjab servers.
  3. For the protection of your privacy and the privacy of others who access the website, refer to our privacy policy which form part of our overall terms for using our website.
  4. Getjab.co.uk operates only in the UK but some of our partner companies that provides us IT and other services may be located out of the European Union, therefore you hereby agree to the transfer of personal data and medical data (including sensitive personal data as defined in the Data Protection Acts 1988-2003) held on the website outside the European Union for the provision of the operation, management, security and administration of getjab.co.uk.
  5. Getjab.co.uk may keep a record of the communications between customers and clinics to assist with future queries.
  6. Any account which is inactive will be deleted after 10 years. User may contact us for a request of data removal on info@getjab.co.uk and we will try to assist where possible.

9. Provision of Information

  1. To book a consultation with a travel clinic or buy products from our online store, you will be required to provide your personal information and medical information. This information will be accessible by us and travel clinics/providers. You confirm and warrant that the information you provide to us is up-to-date, accurate in all respects, not the confidential property of others or in violation of any third party’s right. Although getjab.co.uk endeavours at all times to protect and respect your privacy, you should not provide any information that may cause you personal damage if made public.
  2. Due to the nature of internet, any information sent or shared on internet can not be 100% secure as it is subject to possible interception, loss or damage, alteration and theft. By using our website you understand this and agree that we will not be responsible for any information sent over the internet and not be liable to you or anyone else for any damages or losses incurred, as far as allowed by law.

10. Suspension/ Termination

  1. Getjab.co.uk reserve the right to terminate or suspend access for customer or clinic/providers without notice, at any time. Getjab.co.uk is not required to provide reasons or explanation for termination or suspension of user accounts for any reason, without limitation, where you have provided false or misleading information, or if you are in breach of these terms of use, or if getjab.co.uk cannot verify or authenticate any information submitted to the website.

11. Use of website

  1. The website, all its pages, the content published on social media and any other publications and content available to the public or travel clinics may contain technical, grammatical or typographical inaccuracies. We reserve the right to update, change, delete or add information to the website at any time. We do not accept any liability for keeping the information updated or for any inaccuracies.
  2. Getjab.co.uk reserve the right to restrict access to the website, suspend or delete user accounts, where it suspects damaging or wrong behaviour, without any notice or need for providing reasons to the user.
  3. By using this website, you agree not to use this website or any of its features/services for any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited by these Terms of Use, including but not limited to: a. Any purpose that is fraudulent, prohibited or unlawful by these terms of use. b. Any commercial purpose including but not limited to confirming, updating, creating, checking or amending your own or someone else’s records, directories, databases, customer lists or mailing lists. c. Without explicit consent, copying, transmitting, displaying, modifying, distributing, licensing, publishing, transferring or selling any content, or any product or services contained on or forming part of this website. d. Using or accessing the website in a manner which can disable, damage, overload, flood, mail bomb, crash or interfere with any other user’s or partner’s use and /or enjoyment of the website. e. Transmitting or posting, weather on a forum, post or otherwise, to or from the website any harassing, abusive, hateful, illegal, inflammatory, pornographic, racist or profane material, or any other content or material that could bring about any civil or criminal liability under law. f. Sending to or from the getjab.co.uk website any material which may cause harm to the system, content or image of our website or cause damage to a third party website, including but not limited to materials containing viruses, spyware, adware, cancelbots, worms, or other softwares that are transmitted with the intent to damage or interep the function of our system and website or steal data from your system. g. Attempting to access our system or servers in an unauthorized manner, or falsely stating or using other person or entities identity or affiliation in any way. h. Contacting, advertising, soliciting, selling to any other person without their prior consent or sending spam emails or chain letters. i. Collecting or copying content or data from our website without a written consent by getjab.co.uk.

12. Bookings

  1. It is the sole responsibility of the patient/customer to ensure that they do their research and select a clinic that they trust and are happy with. Getjab.co.uk is only a platform which connects customers with travel clinics. Getjab.co.uk can not guarantee the validity and legality of the clinics, their services and level of service.
  2. Getjab.co.uk does not have any control over the travel clinics, their services and products. Under no circumstances, getjab.co.uk can be held responsible for the failings of the clinics or damages, losses and injuries caused by a clinic.
  3. The clinic availability and stock levels are set by the clinic soley, getjab.co.uk does not have any control over this and it can not be held liable or responsible for any cancellations or delays in getting the services from clinics.
  4. The clinics will try to keep their availability and stock levels up to date, however, due to unforeseen circumstances, including but not limited to technical difficulties, stock shortages, staff shortages, double bookings, system failure, internet failure, human error and staff rotation, there might be occasion where the clinic might need to cancel an appointment or might not have the in stock the product you need. For any such circumstances, getjab.co.uk or the clinics can not be held liable or responsible for delays, disruptions, discontinuation, damages and losses incurred by the customer/patient. Due to the nature of the service and the system, here by you agree to the point above regarding booking appointments.

13. Copyright and licence limitation notice

  1. The content, information, sounds, text, graphics, images, trademarks, service marks, business names, know-how, design and rights in designs, trade names and logos, whether registered or unregistered, are protected by copyright, trade mark, database right and other intellectual property laws. Getjab.co.uk retain all rights, title, interest in and intellectual property rights to the materials. Any third party trademarks used on the websites are just for identification purposes and getjab.co.uk assert no ownership rights over these trademarks.
  2. The publication, reproduction, copying, modification, distribution, uploading, extraction, integration, incorporation or re-utilisation of content or material on this website, without the written permission of getjab.co.uk is prohibited and is a violations of the proprietary rights of getjab.co.uk.
  3. You agree to grant getjab.co.uk a non-exclusive, royalty free, international, transferable perpetual licence, with the right to display, publish, reproduce, distribute, transmit and publicly display any information or materials that you provide during registration or on the forums or discussion groups.

14. Disclaimers

  1. Getjab.co.uk liability is limited by this clause to you for your access and use of our website and content. It's your responsibility to read this clause carefully. By using this website, you are acknowledging that you have agreed to these terms of use relying on the disclaimers stated herein and that those disclaimers are an essential basis of this contract.
  2. The getjab.co.uk website is available to all users “as is” as to the greatest degree permitted by applicable law, the website is made available without any representations or warranties of any kind, expressed or implied. Getjab.co.uk does not make any representations, warranties or undertakings about the services, product or content/material available on the website. Any information or recommendations on the website is intended as a guide and they are not to be used as a substitute for a professional medical advice. Getjab.co.uk is a platform to connect travel health services seekers with travel clinics, it has no control over the customer service, quality of service, delivery of service or any other aspect of service provided by the travel clinics to customer, thus, getjab.co.uk makes no representations, give no warranties or accepts any liability for the services or products provided by the travel clinics to the customer. It is the responsibility of the customer (travellers) to carry out their own research and select a travel clinic that they can trust and are happy with. Getjab.co.uk make no representations, warranties or undertakings that the website or, the server that hosts the website, are 100% free of defects, including but not limited to, viruses or other damaging elements, due to the nature of internet based systems.
  3. Getjab.co.uk does not accept any responsibility or liability for any infection by computer virus, bug, tampering, unauthorised access, modification, fraud, theft, technical failure, errors, omission, interruption, delay, or any event or occurrence beyond the control of getjab.co.uk, which negatively affects the administration, security, fairness and the integrity or proper conduct of any aspect of the website. Any use of the website is at the risk of the user. For the maximum extent permitted in law, getjab.co.uk and its partners will not be liable for damages arising out of your use or your inability to use the website, and here by waive all claims with regards to the the use of the website, its content, services and functionalities. No information or advice, whether written or oral, shall replace or change this disclaimer of warranty or create any warranty.
  4. As far as permitted by applicable law, to the fullest extent, getjab.co.uk assumes no responsibility nor does it grant any warranties, express or implied for the operation, condition, service, safety, availability, pricing and treatment provided by a healthcare professional or a travel clinic, which is listed on getjab.co.uk. Getjab.co.uk is not liable for the actions, errors, omissions, mistakes, negligences, warranties, treatments, products and breaches of any clinic and/or provider or for losses, damages or financial expenses resulting therefrom.

15. Limitation of Liability

  1. As far as permitted by applicable law, to the fullest extent, neither getjab.co.uk nor any of its directors, employees, partners, associates, representative or the company who owns the website will be liable for loss or damages arising out of or in connection with your use of the website, its features, facilities, services and products, including accessing services of other providers through the website, including but not limited to, direct or indirect damages or losses to, property, and harm to customer, even if the loss or damages were declared reasonably foreseeable.
  2. Getjab.co.uk or its directors, officers, affiliates or other partners shall be not liable in no event, resulting in damages from statement, publications or conduct of any clinic or provider or third party interruption, termination, suspension or delay of the website services, whether it was justified or not, negligent or intentional, as far as permissible by applicable law.
  3. Getjab.co.uk and its directors, officers, employees, affiliates and other partners under no circumstances, without any limitations, can be held responsible for any delays or failure in part or full of the website, server, services and other functionalities, due to causes beyond its reasonable control, including but not limited to internet failure, fires, floods, storms, explosions, riots, natural disasters, power failures, strikes, civil disturbances, changes in legislations, order of courts or tribunals or non performance of third parties.
  4. Getjab.co.uk does not exclude liability for death or personal injury, caused by its negligence or that of its employees or authorised representatives, or for fraud.

16. Indemnity

  1. By using this website and its services, you agree to defend, indemnify and maintain the indemnity and hold getjab.co.uk, its officers, directors and partners,harmless against any and all claims, proceedings, liabilities, legal costs, damages to any third party resulting from any activities conducted under your account, your use or misuse of this website, including but not limited to this website, its content, services, products, infringing any third party’s intellectual property rights, or arising out of your breach on any of these

17. Links to Third Party Websites

  1. Any links to third party website or content on this website is subject to the terms and conditions of use contained within each of those website. Access to any third party website through this website is at your own risk. Getjab.co.uk is not responsible or liable for ensuring the accuracy, legality of any information, data, opinions, statements made on third party website or content, or the security of those website. Getjab.co.uk reserves the right to remove, modify or add links to third party websites. A link to a third party website it not an endorsement by getjab.co.uk and it also doesn’t mean any affiliations between getjab.co.uk and the third party website.

18. Availability

  1. Getjab.co.uk aims to provide its services available at all times, however there may be occasions when access to the website is interrupted, e.g. to allow maintenance work, upgrades and urgent repairs, or due to matters out of our control, such as, power failure, server failure, internet failure or equipment failure. By using this website, you agree that getjab.co.uk is not liable to you for any losses incurred due to modification, suspension or discontinuations of the website.
  2. Information that is import to you, you have the sole responsible to ensure that you keep a backup of the data. Under no circumstance getjab.co.uk can be responsible or liable for any loss of content or data. You also have the sole responsibility to take appropriate precautions to scan for computer viruses and other malware.

19. Changes in These Terms of Use

  1. Getjab.co.uk reserves the right to modify or terminate any services offered through this website at any time, for any reason and without any notice and without any liability to you, any other client or any third party. We may change the content, presentation, performance, user facilities and availability of any part of this website, including these terms of use at our sole discretion at any time. It’s your responsibility to check these terms and conditions from time to time. By using our website, you accept the terms and conditions of use, at the time of the use.

20. Jurisdiction and Governing Law

  1. This website is owned and controlled by getjab.co.uk from UK. This website is only for use in the UK. Getjab.co.uk does not make any representation that the website, it's features, facilities, content, and services are appropriate for use outside the UK or that they comply with any legal or regulatory requirements in any other countries. The use of this website is at your own risk and you are responsible for complying with law.
  2. These terms of use shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England. You agree that getjab.co.uk has the right to take proceedings in relations to these terms of use before any court of competent jurisdiction and that courts of England shall have jurisdiction to hear and determine any actions or proceedings that may arise out of or in connection with these terms of use, and for such purposes you irrevocably submit to the jurisdiction of such courts.
  3. Any disputes that may arise or any proceedings under these terms of use shall be in in English language.

21. Miscellaneous

  1. Waiver of any provision of the terms and conditions and the privacy policies must be in writing and signed by getjab.co.uk to be valid. Any waiver of any provision must not operate as a waiver for another provision or continuous waiver of the provision. Every single provision of the terms of use is an individually enforceable and servable. If one or more of these provisions are proven unenforceable or void by law by a court of law of acceptable judiciary, the remaining of provisions remain valid and enforceable accordingly. These terms of use do not in any capacity constitute as a partnership between you and getjab.co.uk or between any third parties that you or getjab.co.uk might be representing. The terms of use in its entirety, in combination with terms and conditions and privacy policy, form an agreement between you and getjab.co.uk for the use of our website, it's services, content and products, superseding any prior agreements and understandings.