Getjab for travel clinics

Getjab is a one-stop digital solution for marketing and day-to-day management of travel clinics. Get more business for your travel clinic, reduce your admin work through automation and improve your clinic’s compliance.

Key Benefits of Becoming a Partner Clinic

Attract New Customers

Attract new customers who are looking online for travel health services in your local area. You can offer these customers other products and services and generate repeat sales.

Improved Online Presence

We don’t need to remind you how important it is for your clinic to have an online presence. With GetJab, your travel clinic will be visible to millions of potential customers.

Corporate Customers

We are going to have regular promotional events and corporate deals to which you will be invited to take part, this will boost your sales and help you acquire new customers.

Free Booking System

You will get a free easy to use booking system where you can update your availability and customers will be able to see and book appointments. You can also use it for offline appointments.

Free Marketing

With GetJab, we will take care of the marketing side so that you can concentrate on providing the best possible service and see your customer base grow.

Build Clinic Profile

Patients can view your travel clinic’s profile page, which you can manage from your account. Here, you can tell your customers about the services and products available at your travel clinic.

Appointment Reminders & Alerts

Email and SMS notification automatically sent to patients. This will reduce no shows and ultimately enable you to run a more efficient service.

Verified Patient Reviews

Getjab Collects and displays verified patient reviews and ratings for your clinic. This is a valuable tool for attracting new customers, nothing is more powerful than reading about previous customers experiences.

Clever Stock Management System

Optimise your stock management of vaccination with our algorithm which tells you how much of each vaccination you will need in the next week or month.

How to Register Your Clinic

Step by step guide to registration process.


Frequently asked questions

GetJab is a new generation online platform that aims to help potential customers find a travel clinic near them in few clicks. Customers can find, compare and book travel vaccinations. It saves customers time and money as they can browse through all travel health related services, their prices and their availability in one place.

Travel clinics will get an online presence with the leading travel health platform. You can attract new customers in your area and compete with other clinics on price, availability and customer ratings. As a clinic, you will get a complete end-to-end solution. From an easy online booking system to an online clinic profile, we will take care of everything for you. You will also benefit from regular advertisement of the platform which will ultimately improve your sales. With 100% free membership and no upfront cost, you can not go wrong.

There are three methods of using our system to make making a booking.

  • 1. A customer makes a booking direct through the website.
  • 2. We will embed your clinic calendar on your pharmacy website and customers book through your website.
  • 3. For customers that calls the clinic or come in to the clinic can be booked by the clinic from their dashboard.

A travel clinic is only required to pay a fee of only £5 per customer when they receive a booking directly through the Embed and walk-in bookings are free.

So for every referral/booking we send you, our fee will be £5, which is charged to the customer at the time of the booking as a reservation fee. This £5 is then discounted from their final bill. For example, if a customer gets their travel jabs and their total is £110, you will deduct the £5 booking fee that they have already paid, and charge them £105. The system will show you when you need to deduct the £5 reservation fee from a customer’s total bill.

In circumstances,  when the customer does not receive any vaccination or travel medicine, then you will need to update this on the system and the patient will be refunded directly the £5 reservation fee. This will include instances when the vaccinations are not clinically appropriate for the customer, vaccinations are not required for the destination, the vaccine(s) are out of stock or when the customer cancels their booking 48 hours prior to their appointment.
No, there aren’t any hidden charges or cost. The membership is 100% free and you only pay per referral/booking. If for whatever reason, the customer doesn’t receive any vaccination, they get a full refund. No sale no fee. There is no cost for using all the other features of the system.
As a partner clinic, you will set your own prices for the vaccinations that you provide. You have total control over pricing and you will be able to update your pricing and availability from your online account dashboard 24/7. It is in your own interest to ensure that your prices are competitive. Remember that you can generate revenues from additional sales when the customer visits your clinic and also attract long term customers.
Your travel clinic will be making all the clinical assessments and the decisions about the suitability of the vaccine for the customer. GetJab is only a platform for referral/bookings and provides you with a booking and clinic management system.
When a patient makes a booking, we ask them for their details and also to fill a risk assessment form. You will get a notification email to say that a customer has made a booking. When you login to your account, you will be able to see the bookings and also access the risk assessment forms. This will give you an opportunity to go through them in advance and ensure that you have everything in place for the appointment. This could something small like a piece of information that you require which you can contact the patient about so they can bring it to the appointment with them. Also, you will be able to keep appropriate stock levels by looking at your appointments.

When you register with, we will supply you with an embed code which can easily be placed on your pharmacy website to display your booking calendar on your website and allow customers to book directly through your website. This means that you can convert your website visitors into paying customers. Also, we do not charge the reservation fee for bookings coming though the embed code so you keep 100% of the revenues. The embed code can be easily placed on your website by your website provider. If you need a pharmacy website, we recommend as they offer full integration of the embed code,  free of charge. 

The system is a travel clinic marketing and management system. Its operations do not conflict with any PGD provider requirements, therefore, you can use irrespective of who your PGD provider is. In the registration form, we ask you for your PGD provider so that we can assign your the relevant digital Risk Assessment Form (RAF).

It is easy and free to join as a travel clinic. Just click on the link below and complete the registration form which will not take more than 10 minutes. We will check your details and once everything is set, we will make your account live on your website. It is easy and we can be contacted for help and support if you are unsure about anything.

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It's free to register, no subscription fee or hidden charges. You only pay a small fee when we send you a customer from our website.